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Protein Source: canine-caviar-goatGoat
Perfect For: All Breeds And Sizes
Available Can Size: • 12.7 oz. – 12/case, 6/case, 1/single

Would you like to make this a complete diet? Mix canned food with Synergy and Kelp to make a delicious and nutritious balanced meal.

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100% Synthetic Free

Free of all gums, grains, fillers, added sugar, added salt, artificial colors, synthetic additives and preservatives.

Low Fat and Low Cholesterol 

Our Goat dog food is low cholesterol dog food and low fat dog food meaning it’s a healthy choice for and will keep your dog’s weight in check.

100% Hypoallergenic

Canine Caviar’s canned dog food is a full hypoallergenic canned dog food making it the best wet dog food for allergies. We understand that there are many dog food allergies to address so we design our hypoallergenic Goat Dog Food recipe specifically for dogs with allergies

Limited Ingredient Diet

Canine Caviar’s Synthetic Free Goat Dog Food is a limited ingredient canned dog food. It’s the type of diet a wolf would eat in the wild so you can be assured your dog is eating a natural diet.

Single Protein Method

All products are single protein dog food based, this helps avoid as many dog food allergies as possible and aides in easier digestion for your dog. Canine Caviar’s Synthetic Free Goat Dog Food single protein centers around goat.

Holistic Dog Food

Canine Caviar canned dog food products are all holistic dog food. This means our products are focused on being specifically designed for optimal nutrition and the overall well being of your dog. Holistic dog food does not use processed parts or by-products of ingredients and is as natural as possible.

Gluten Free

Our canned dog food is a gluten free wet dog food. Its a safe food product for dogs who are allergic to gluten and dogs who suffer from epilepsy.

Grain Free Dog Food

Canine Caviar’s Synthetic Free Goat Dog Food is grain free wet dog food. Grain free dog food gives your dog more energy and keeps your dog fuller longer.

Low Sodium Diet

Canine Caviar’s Synthetic Free Goat Dog Food is a low sodium dog food diet. Low sodium dog food is perfect for dogs with heart or kidney issues and need to watch their sodium intake. Heart issues include heart murmurs, heart failure, enlarged heart, and other heart diseases.



Goat, Goat Lungs, Goat Liver, Broth, Fenugreek Seeds.


Daily Feeding Guidelines
Click to view raw feeding guidelines

A 1/4 can a day for every 40 lbs of body weight.

Puppies may need up to twice the amount for the same body weight, and nursing mothers up to three times.

Canine Caviar canned foods are a great alternative protein source. They contain only meat and are not complete diets. They are intended to be used as a treat, supplement or the base of a home prepared meal.

* Shake well before opening.


Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein 8.0 % min.
Crude Fat 6.0 % min.
Crude Fiber 1.0 % max.
Moisture 78.0 % max.

ME = 406 kcal/can or 1103 kcal/kg

Additional information

Weight 153 oz

1, 12, 6

1 review for Synthetic Free Goat

  1. colleen flaherty (verified owner)

    Great price + SDMA went down yet ANOTHER 4 POINTS!!!
    This is my original review, but after another 4 months her SDMA has dropped AGAIN!!! Angel is now at 14, which is the highest level of Normal!
    I hope this helps other dogs with similar issues. Please read for comprehension…
    In Oct 2020, after losing my 4yo Bernese, Faith, to mast cell cancer, I was able to become more strict about my 5yo’s diet. In May 2020, after months of diarrhea with no “bug” reason, I had her tested by Nutriscan to identify food sensitivities and also did a Cell Bio. The results showed many sensitivities which almost made her diet an impossible dream, especially since I work full time and don’t cook! But they suggested trying Canine Caviar, and a more alkaline diet. So I did. By August I had come to the conclusion she had something else going on too. But juggling the health of 3 big dogs, one with cancer is very time consuming. I decided to take Angel to Dr Ortega in Ventura. She did testing which showed Angel had a deformed kidney and the early stages of kidney disease, with an SDMA of 19. After losing Faith, I buckled down on my research and protocol for Angel. By Oct, it was up to 21 and in March was 22. But in January, Angel had also injured her rear legs/spine in what I believe was a slipping accident in my kitchen while jumping over her raised water bowl when I was not home. She could hardly walk, so I put large rubber tiles over my floor and rugs down so she would not slip. We started short walks again in April.

    Now, its a year later than when we started to suspect something was up with her health, began investigating and changing her diet. Angel had her last SDMA in June 2021. It was down from 22 to 18!!!!! I mostly attribute that to her diet and supplements. Her non-triggering protein source is only lamb, goat, or beef so I chose Open Meadow kibble, Synthetic Free Goat cans, mixed with Synergy + Organic Norwegian Sun-Cured Kelp. She loves it! Dr Ortega had also suggested probiotics and a B12 supplement. While she was in pain from her leg injury, she was on CBD oil drops. I also give her other herbal supplements and split her meals into 4 x per day. Dr Ruth Roberts on youtube, is who made me decide to keep her diet natural, and not switch to a hydrolized protein kibble for kidney disease.

    I believe that all this has helped her tremendously! And I thank Doggie Bag Delivers for the high quality food and great service which has made my Angel feel good again!!!!! I’m leaving this review for the 4 products we use for her diet.

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