Synthetic Free Duck


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Protein Source: free-spirit-color-iconDuck & Sweet Potatoes
Perfect For: All Breeds And Sizes
Available Can Size: • 12.7 oz. – 12/case, 6/case, 1/single

Would you like to make this a complete diet? Mix canned food with Synergy and Kelp to make a delicious and nutritious balanced meal.

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Canine Caviars Synthetic Free Duck Gourmet Topper & Canned Dog Food Supplement is a single protein food. It does not contain Gums, Grains, Filler, added Sugar or Salt. It also has no artificial colors and is preservative free and has no synthetic additives. Duck is full of antioxidants as well as Zinc and Selenium which are aimed to help boost the immune system. Duck also contains Omega-3 fatty acids which help with a healthy skin and coat.

Canine Caviar Canned Diets are perfect for dogs that have allergies to other proteins. Duck canned food can be fed as the meat source for an alternative raw diet. It also can be used as a novel protein to stimulate your pet’s immune system. You can feed Canine Caviar canned foods as a treat, supplement, or the base meat to an alternative raw meal.

100% Synthetic Free

Free of all gums, grains, fillers, added sugar, added salt, artificial colors, synthetic additives and preservatives.

Shiny Coat

Omega-3 fatty acids in Canine Caviar’s Synthetic Free Duck Dog Food help dog coats become healthy and shiny. The Omega-3 fatty acids lessen issues such as dry skin and dander

Improved Dog Immune System

Canine Caviar’s Synthetic Free Duck Dog Food helps improve the immune system in your dog. The selenium and zinc inside the duck provide the nutrients for healthy immune systems and help your companion fight off illness.

100% Hypoallergenic

Canine Caviar’s canned dog food is a full hypoallergenic canned dog food making it the best wet dog food for allergies. We understand that there are many dog food allergies to address so we design our hypoallergenic Duck Dog Food recipe specifically for dogs with allergies

Limited Ingredient Diet

Canine Caviar’s Synthetic Free Duck Dog Food is a limited ingredient canned dog food. It’s the type of diet a wolf would eat in the wild so you can be assured your dog is eating a natural diet.

Single Protein Method

All products are single protein dog food based, this helps avoid as many dog food allergies as possible and aides in easier digestion for your dog. Canine Caviar’s Synthetic Free Duck Dog Food single protein centers around duck.

Holistic Dog Food

Canine Caviar canned dog food products are all holistic dog food. This means our products are focused on being specifically designed for optimal nutrition and the overall well being of your dog. Holistic dog food does not use processed parts or by-products of ingredients and is as natural as possible

Gluten Free

Our canned dog food is a gluten free wet dog food. Its a safe food product for dogs who are allergic to gluten and dogs who suffer from epilepsy.

Grain Free Dog Food

Canine Caviar’s Synthetic Free Duck Dog Food is grain free wet dog food. Grain free dog food gives your dog more energy and keeps your dog fuller longer.

Low Sodium Diet

Canine Caviar’s Synthetic Free Duck Dog Food is a low sodium dog food diet. Low sodium dog food is perfect for dogs with heart or kidney issues and need to watch their sodium intake. Heart issues include heart murmurs, heart failure, enlarged heart, and other heart diseases.


Duck, Broth, Sweet Potatoes, Fenugreek Seeds.

Daily Feeding Guidelines

A 1/4 can a day for every 40 lbs of body weight. Puppies may need up to twice the amount for the same body weight, and nursing mothers up to three times.

Canine Caviar canned foods are a great alternative protein source. They contain only meat and are not complete diets. They are intended to be used as a treat, supplement or the base of a home prepared meal.

* Shake well before opening.

Guaranteed Analysis
Crude Protein 8.0 % min.
Crude Fat 8.0 % min.
Crude Fiber 1.0 % max.
Moisture 78.0 % max.

ME = 426 kcal/can or 1157 kcal/kg

Additional information

Weight 153 oz

1, 12, 6

3 reviews for Synthetic Free Duck

  1. Raymond Arsenault (verified owner)

    I have two westies and they both have a number of allergies, ever since we have them on Canine Caviar it been outstanding. They have been on it now for about 3 years and it could not be any better. Thank You

  2. cupneml (verified owner)

    We love Canine Caviar for our pup. We use this topper with the dry food. It is a loose pate consistency at room temp and has small chunks of sweet potato in it. Our dog loves this and we like that it can be left as a bit of special food in the bowl or it can be mixed with water to make a “gravy” We did this in the summer to make sure the pup gets a but extra water during the hot days.

  3. Elizabeth Katz (verified owner)

    Our pup LOVES this food. We have a one-year-old pit mix, and it took us a while to find a food he would eat. After switching to Canine Caviar, we haven’t looked back! We give him a half can of this with dry food on top. He devours it! I like that we can give him a different type of wet food, so it keeps his meals interesting. 🙂

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